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images of the opening of the exhibition
"Impresiones Nordicas"
in the Finnish Institute in Madrid,
 art by Timo-Olavi Jalkanen and Taru Syrjänen

General view
General view of the exhibition

Opening guests
Guests in the opening night

Timo & Timo & Taru
Professor Timo Riiho (director of the institute) to the left,
and artists Timo-Olavi Jalkanen and Taru Syrjänen

Openin guests 2

Guests & Rosa
Guests (art critic Rosa González Garzón to the right)

Sarianna & Taru
Sarianna and Taru

Transparent Minds
Part of the installation: Transparent Minds


Bueno, the most regular visitor to the art exhibitions in the istitute.
(Timo Riiho's friendly dog)

The girls
"Timo Riiho's young angels" in the institute,
who worked hard for the exhibition

Maria Jokela, Secretary of Cultural Affairs in the institute